Author Guidelines

Invitation to Author:

We invite authors from all over the world and from all disciplines of medicine, science and engineering to publish their work with us to reach a larger and more relevant audience. Our submissions go through rigorous peer reviews and quality checks. 

We value research from diverse academic studies and believe in the publication of high quality and original content. Works that are clearly expressed and presented in interesting ways that the reader can relate to are preferred. We also welcome research papers from major scientific disciplines. These papers are expected to include results, provide evidence, and explain the methodology used to reach final conclusions.

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The manuscript should be in English and prepared on the following lines:

Title: Title should be brief, specific and informative

Author Information: Complete names and affiliation of all authors, including contact details of corresponding author (Telephone, Fax and Email address).


The abstract should be a single paragraph of no more than 300 words, the abstract should be rich and self-explanatory, clearly stating the purpose of the research or review, the methods used (if applicable), and summarizing the results and conclusions. Avoid using abbreviations and references in this section.

Do not include references in your abstract. Make sure it serves as a general introduction to the topic or as a short non-technical summary of the main results and their significance.


To identify the subjects under which the article may be indexed, 6-10 key words should be provided.


Abbreviations, symbols, units, etc.

Acronyms and symbols must be defined in the title, abstract and text when they are mentioned for the first time. For naming, abbreviations, symbols, and units, authors must follow Internationally recognized rules, including those adopted by the Biochemical Nomenclature Committee.


This should be short, and the literature review should be related to the topic of the article. Extensive review and unnecessary details of previous work should be avoided.

Materials and Methods:

This section should provide a complete description of the research design. The materials or types of detailed descriptions, comparisons, interventions, and participant analysis should be mentioned. Authors also need to indicate when (year/period) and where (university/institute) the present experiment was conducted.

Your submission must also include:

  • A cover letter
  • Individual figure files and optional supplementary information files.

Results and Discussion:

Results and discussion must illustrate and interpret the results of the study.Speculation and detailed interpretation of data should not be included in the results but should be put into the discussion section.

Conclusion and Acknowledgement:

The table number must be followed by the table title, and the line drawing / photo must include the figure number and its description. The corresponding numbers of tables, figures, etc. must be cited in the text. The size of the tables and graphs must be less than 1 MB.


All references should be cited in the article in a consecutive order. List here all the references in

numbered order of citation in the text. List all authors if less than six. If more than five authors, list

the first five followed by “et al.”

Note* Provide the link for the listed references

General style of reference:

1. Journal References

Author name/s (Year) Title of article. Journal short name Volume(Issue): Full inclusive page


2. Book References

Author name/s (Year) Title of the book. (Edition), Publisher name, place, city, country, pp. full

inclusive page numbers.

Author name/s (Year) Chapter/ topic name. In: Author name/s (Editors.), Book name. (Edition), Publisher

name, place, city, country, pp. full inclusive page numbers.

3. Conferences

Author name/s (Year) Conference topic. Name of the conference, Country.


All works published by “xyz journal” are under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited.

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